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Head and Neck Surgery
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- Our clinic during the epidemic - part 6

We are all wondering how long we will operate in the time of the epidemic, how long will we operate in a special sanitary regime in thick gowns and face shields, making it difficult to focus during precise surgical procedures. And yet summer, the time of hot weather, is the time of so called "otological harvest". For several weeks, almost every day we operate on patients with all possible extracranial and intracranial complications. These surgeries - most often urgently or immediately - are not preceded by test results and then our clothes are thicker. Endoscopic operations of the paranasal sinuses are still a huge epidemiological problem, and the number of patients waiting for surgery is already monstrous. Oncological procedures from endoscopic and laser procedures to large resections with free flaps are performed the most efficiently. The otology is almost in full speed. We are afraid of disclosing Covid-19 infection, which may unexpectedly stop the entire therapeutic process. But let's be optimistic and act rationally.

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