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- Our clinic during the epidemic - part 4

The result of the first webinar are the nationwide recommendations for laryngologists during the pandemic, which were developed by prof. Małgorzata Wierzbicka. They were discussed by members of the Main Board of our Society and the chairman of the Board of Heads of Laryngology Clinics. On April 27, they have been published on the website www.otolaryngologia.org.pl as valid for our specialty.
On May 7, another webinar entitled Fighting the virus at the epicenter of a pandemic has been held. Prof. Giovanni Danesi from Bergamo and prof. Witold Szyfter have participated. Each of the panelists presented a 20-minute lecture. The news from Italy, where the infection was much more rapid and dramatic, was extremely interesting. The virus led to a 30% death rate among patients, and the number of beds in Bergamo's intensive care unit reached 125, which was not enough. 300 people participated in the webinar. It was organized by the Medicus company.
In addition, the clinic works in an epidemically acceptable range - oncology, oncology and once again oncology, various acute cases, chronic otitis with cholesteatoma requiring surgery as a prevention of complications, laryngotracheal stenosis. The team is constantly divided into 2 groups.

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