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Head and Neck Surgery
Poznan University of Medical Sciences
Przybyszewskiego Street 49, 60-355 PoznaƄ, Poland
- Our clinic during the epidemic - part 2

Every day, 3 doctors of the clinic are on-call providing advice on-line - patients from all over Poland call, ask about all laryngological problems and expect advice, help and support in these difficult times - and they get it. Statistically, we give about 30-40 advices a day.
Every day there is also an ENT oncology clinic, where we admit patients with DILO cards or issue them and qualify them for appropriate treatment.
The operating room is fully operational for cancer patients and emergencies.
We have prepared another book of Advances in Head and Neck Surgery which will be released in the coming days.
We are developing other publications, which we will inform about later.
We scrupulously count personal protective equipment to protect our staff.

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